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A lifestyle for a lifetime!

Register for this 2 hour virtual event and join Jessie Pavelka LIVE and learn his success formula to transform your health - Saturday 06 August 2022 (BST – UK time zone) 

Join us virtually on Saturday 06 August 2022 

8pm EU / 7pm UK / 2pm US East / 11am US West


You missed out!

Your health needs to be YOUR top priority!

But how do we make the first step, how do we remain consistent and how do we stay motivated? How do we let go of those yo-yo behaviours?

Ultimately, how do we create a 'lifestyle for a lifetime'

Join me and I'll show you how....

"Lifestyle change isn’t temporary – it’s every day for the rest of your life".

Jessie Pavelka

It's time to get back to basics, it's time for you to re-commit, it's time for you to start your new journey.

Join me for TRANSFORM 2022 & discover my 4-step formula to:

~ Better sleep ~

~ More energy ~

~ Lose weight ~

~ Feel happier ~

~ Eat healthier ~

~ Move more ~

~ Deal with stress ~

~ Feel better about yourself ~

It's time to TRANSFORM!

My Gift to you - The Four Elements Health Formula

The Four Elements is a simple, yet impactful health formula, it cuts through the noise, provides common language; EAT, SWEATTHINKCONNECT that is easy to understand and relate to.

It creates a framework that helps quickly categorise the health landscape into their corresponding element, making it easy for you to prioritise and focus.

Begin Your Transformation

The Four Elements will Kick-Start Your Journey to...

Explore how your relationship with food impacts your life.

  • Start eating healthier.
  • Start to understand food nutrition.
  • Improve eating habits.

Identify simple ways to give yourself the gift of movement.

  • Start to move more.
  • Lose those extra pounds.
  • Live with more energy.

Take back control of your mental health & well-being.

  • Start sleeping better.
  • Manage stress.
  • Be conscious of 'me-time'.

Discover the power of the key points of connection.

  • Feel more fulflled and happier.
  • Fall in love with who you are.
  • Share your story and inspire others.

During The Event you will learn...

During the event you will have the tools and knowledge to begin your 4-step journey of making your health transformation.

4-Steps to TRANSFORM!


Where are you now – accepting your reality!


Back to basics with The Four Elements.


Set your commitments and health mantra.


Start your journey... 4wks with The Four Elements.

PLUS! Ask Jessie

Got a burning question, submit it before the event for the opportunity to be selected.

Bonus Resources

To help you on your journey, there is a selection of PDF guides and worksheets for you to download.

We encourage you to print these out and write on them, it will only take a matter of minutes each day. 

PLUS! - Additional Coaching to Support Your Journey

The event is just the beginning, connect with the support over the next four weeks as part of your TRANSFORM journey.

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Join Team Pavelka LIVE in the Community

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Join Team Pavelka LIVE in the Community

Join us virtually on Saturday 06 August 2022 

8pm EU / 7pm UK / 2pm US East / 11am US West


You missed out!

What Others Say About Jessie & The Four Elements

Join the Movement...

Become part of something bigger than Yourself!


The team and I are ready to start a health revolution  - the world needs it right now. Would you like to be part of it? Become a member of the Pavelka Community and join in our quest to Light up the World.


In 2021 as an organisation the team and I made the commitment to 'Light up the World with Well-being', making it our vision and purpose. 

If we all join together, sharing our successes and supporting each other through struggle, just imagine how bright that light will shine. 

It’s in our hands - join in and let’s make a difference in the world.

Your Host 

Jessie Pavelka

Texan born Jessie Pavelka, 39, is an internationally renowned Health and Fitness Expert, published Author and TedX Speaker.

Specialising in extreme weight loss, he is known for his Sky One and Sky Living shows Obese: A Year to Save my Life and Fat: The Fight of my Life.

He has also been a regular of ITV Good Morning Britain where he helped the nation get fit with Motivation Nation and encouraged us to give up the sweet stuff with Sugar Free GMB. Jessie also took part as a trainer for a season with NBC’s Biggest Loser US.

After nearly two decades working within the health and fitness sector, Jessie discovered that making small changes in four areas of life made a significant improvement, creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

From these insights he developed his very own health philosophy, The Four Elements - Eat, Sweat, Think, Connect - and he is now on a mission to share them with you to create a Lifestyle for a Lifetime.


What does this cost?

This is a ‘no charge’ event - to attend, simply register with your name and email.

How do I register?

Click the link on this page and you will be directed to registration.

Are we able to speak to Jessie?

Would you like to ask Jessie a question? Prior to the event you can upload your question via a link provided in your joining email and you maybe chosen.

Do I need to be on camera?

To take an active part in the event, you will need to be on camera - this is NOT obligatory though, if you want to just watch and learn.

I am not in the UK or US – can I still take part?

The event is available throughout the world.

How do I download the bonus content?

Post event you will be emailed a link to download extra bonus content and resources to support your journey.

Can I see a recording afterwards?

The best experience is the live one – however, there will be some content recorded which you will be able to watch or listen to.

Who will the event be suitable for?

Anyone who is interested in improving their physical, mental and social well-being.

Who is Jessie Pavelka?


Who is running the event?

This is a Pavelka Limited Event hosted by Jessie Pavelka.

I have a question about the work that Jessie and Pavelka do – who do I contact?

Drop us an email to