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This programme explores scientific findings behind mindfulness, to allow you to build a better relationship with yourself. Assess, understand and empower the person who controls your life - you! 

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April 19th

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Let's start as we mean to go on, I invite you to pause for a moment with me and take a breath before we make a start... 

Welcome the The Mindful Life with The Four Elements...and I will be your guide through your journey.

Now breathe...

Diana Sherin Gomez 

Resident Mindfulness Coach at Pavelka Wellness

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Pre-Journey Questionnaire

Your Mindful life Pathway

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3. Why did you  join the Creating a mindful life with The Four Elements?

4. Which statement best describes your experience of mindfulness and meditation before this Journey?

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5. Which statements best describe your mindfulness journey ?

It was easy for me to find time for mindfulness

It was easy for me to 'switch off' during the breathing exercises

It was difficult to make time for mindfulness everyday

I was struggling to 'switch off' during the breathing exercises

At the end of the challenge it was easier for me to practice mindfulness

At the end of the challenge I still find it difficult to practice mindfulness

6. Will you continue practising mindfulness (breathing exercises, meditation) after Creating a mindful life with the four elements?




7. How have your mindfulness habits changed after the challenge? 

8. What impact has the challenge had on your life, family, teams & colleagues?

9. On a scale of 1-5 how would you rate the informational and motivational support provided by Pavelka on the Pavelka House For Cisco before, during and after the Think Challenge?

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