The Confidence Series

Over the next 6 weeks, enjoy the bitesize micro-learning videos with Jessie Pavelka and our global team of well-being specialists.

Finding the Confidence to start 

Samantha Bennett is a speaker, actor, teacher and author of the bestselling, “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day”. Sam shares her perspective on finding the confidence to start.

#1 Finding the Confidence to motivate others

Motivating others might seem like a big task – and an emotional one.

So rather than think of yourself as a motivational speaker that gets people feeling, break it down into the small, real steps. What are the individual components or trigger points that a particular person needs to hear? What do YOU need to get the confidence it takes? 

There’s no one answer to that and it can take time to get there.

It’s a journey, not a destination.

Watch as one of our well-being experts, Laila White, shares a perspective on motivation.

#2 Finding the Confidence to keep the momentum going

How do we find confidence?

We talked about confidence during the event - and it's something that needs training and practice, like any skill.

Pavelka works with well-being specialists and experts around the world to bring helpful perspectives and bitesize takeaways. Listen to Samantha Bennett talk about how you can find the confidence to keep momentum going. 

#3 Finding the Confidence with the power of storytelling

As part of bringing your well-being strategy to life, we talked about getting on the ground and listening to the real stories of the people.

Also, remember the power of your own story. Watch as Jessie talks about being bold with our own stories - the power of authentic sharing to show where our passions lie, why we do what we do and are who we are.

What's your story? 

#4 Finding the Confidence with your voice in the Team

#5 Finding the Confidence with your voice in 5 steps

#6 Finding the Confidence to be an effective leader

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