Eat Sweat Think Connect are our Four Elements of wellbeing.

They are not a 30-day programme or a quick fix - they're a framework for forming 'a lifestyle for a lifetime': helping you to make small, sustainable changes that become natural habits and a foundation of wellbeing in your everyday life.

How you make sense of this is down to YOU.

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Hi, I'm Jessie Pavelka.

I co-founded Pavelka as a way of bringing wellbeing to people and teams in organisations and businesses. It’s about providing a framework of support that sees people as human beings and encourages them to connect to themselves, each other and the organisation as a whole.

After nearly two decades working within the health and fitness area, I discovered that making small changes in four areas of life made a significant improvement, creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. From these insights I developed my own health philosophy, Eat Sweat Think Connect - The Four Elements - and I want to share it with you.

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